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Thanks for the great game.

I seem to have run into a bug on level 80 which is stopping me from 100% the game though. One of the hams refuses to be eaten. Screenshot attached. If I can offer any further help, please let me know.

Version #375164

Hey, thanks for the bug report! The Steam version has this issue fixed, along with controller support and 8 additional languages.

Is this game on the Nintendo Switch? 

Yes! You could be able to find it on the eShop. There's even a demo!

Fun game got it on steam $4.99, 20 stages in so far I like. Well done. =)


This game is pretty awesome :) I love the art style, the music, and the increasing scale of difficulty. I felt that the progression was great. Controlling the dogs was easy as well. Overall very cute and very fun!

A little review :)

Which engine you're used in development?




mak fri plz

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You can play the Android and iOS versions for free.


thx 4 letin meh know