New build! 2018-06-02

G'day friends!

I don't post normally to Itch regarding updates but I have just uploaded a new build for you all to try out! Tell me what you think.

New features:

  • More levels! Play up to the Cathedral level now, each with multiple bosses to overcome.
  • New weapon system: Enemies can now drop weapons for you to use.
  • Removed Weapon Power: Instead collect multiple weapon drops to upgrade your weapon
  • Focus adjusted: Focus no longer adjusts the power of an attack instead it focuses all projectiles forward. Useful for wide spread attacks, less so for beam weapons (Which already shot forward)
  • Optimisations! The game should now run much smoother!
  • New character select screen: You can now see the character select screen, at the moment only the Witch is playable however.
  • Name changes: Some of the characters have had their names adjusted
  • Many many bug fixes!

Known issues:

  • Beam weapons don't clean themselves up properly. Including boss beam attacks. 
  • The first boss's beam attacks don't go away when you defeat the boss, makes it a little tricky to get out.
  • Sometimes the Text simply doesn't write itself, resulting in empty conversations

I hope you all have a blast!

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