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Play as the Witch, dodging and weaving through terrifyingly intricate bullet storms on her journey to steal the Ancient Grimoire.


Witch Thief is a 3D bullet-hell, set in a quirky fantasy realm. Play as the snarky Witch on a quest to steal the greatest magical Grimoire from the Last Immortal. Dodge and weave through endless waves of deadly projectiles, overcome a cast of quirky mages, unlock new heroes and discover the true power of the Grimoire.

Feature List:

  • Dodge intricate bullet patterns
    Terrifyingly intricate storms of bullets will rain down as you journey on your quest. Study, learn and apply your dodging skills to outmaneuver the incoming perils.
    Touching even one bullet will kill you - so beware!

  • Unique Bullet-Hell Perspective
    Unlike other Shmups, Witch Thief gives you control of a full 3D camera. Witness bullet hell from a whole new perspective!

  • Unlock a range of quirky playable characters (Image of different characters)
    Choose to play one of many magicians, each clawing for the Ancient Grimoire, determined to let nothing stand in their way. Experience fresh new dialogue, different bosses and unique spells to achieve their goals.
    Each character has unique spells and dialogue, and may encounter different and challenging bosses on their path to the Grimoire.
    Complete the story to unlock new characters!

  • Musical tracks:
    A fully original soundtrack, accompanying you on your perilous journey to the Grimoire. 
    Each character and stage has a unique theme that captures and plays upon their essence.

  • Battle Relentless Bosses
    Your path is not an easy one. Face insane bosses, wielding great magical power and unleashing torrents of complex bullet patterns. They will stop at nothing to protect the Grimoire.

  • Unravel a world of mystery
    Piece the stories of every character together to  Uncover what drives the defenders of the Grimoire, and learn the plans of the Last Immortal.

  • Accessibility options
    Everyone should be able to have fun and play games. We’re always striving to help people play and include these features into Witch Thief to help out. If there are any features you’d like to see please shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do! 

    • Rebindable keys: Nothing is worse than a control scheme that doesn’t work for you! Witch Thief’s controls can be rebound across keyboard, mouse and controller. 
    • Dyslexic font option: We love our stylized fonts, but we want you to know what’s going on. A dyslexic font option is available for all in-game text. 
    • Difficulty ranges: Not everyone wants the hardest difficulty. Witch Thief ranges from practically no combat “Chill” mode to the extreme “Insanity” mode which increases both bullet counts and speed. Oh you only get one life there too.

Disclaimer: If you encounter something in Witch Thief that you feel should be in this Disclaimer, please reach out!

  • Bright Colours
  • Flashing Lights
  • Camera Shake

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorCardboard Keep
Tags3D, Bullet Hell, Dark Fantasy
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls
LinksSteam, Homepage, Cardboard Keep, Twitter


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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I know the game's a bit older but I just played this for my channel and had a good time :)

Tried to play this today but the xbox mappings for the camera (right joystick) don't work. The keyboard/mouse combo makes the game much harder (but so does not being able to see).

I'm using the DS4Windows to use a PS4 controller but other seem games haven't had this problem. 

Is there a fix for this? I've attempted to manually map the joystick to mouse movement, which works outside of the game but not in it...


Some feedback:

The avaliable range of camera angles needs to be increased, I should always be able to see all the enemies, even in focus.

The early enemies have too much health, making them feel less like easy trash and more like boring mini-bosses. I shouldn't be shooting away at the first enemies for 20 seconds each to kill them.

Lag Optimisation: I can't play the game fullscreen on min graphics because it lags a lot.

Difficulty Curve: Half of the early encounters have easily seen safe spots that make them free, and the other half are basically just those + target shots, which make them a lot harder. The early encounters need working on.

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G'day 6000j,

I appreciate the feedback!

Turns out our itch.io build is horrendously outdated. I'll be pushing the latest build up in the next few days! Watch out for an update.

The good news is a lot more content, far better balance, more weapons! A lot more optimisations! It should run much better.

Thanks for checking it out again! I hope you give it another whirl when it updates


Thanks for the quick response.

I will def give it another whirl when it updates, looking forwards to seeing all the changes you guys have made! I had forgotten about the game until recently, when I tried out touhou, and was like 'oh yeah I got this game last year lets try it out'. 


Apologies if this is rude, but just a bump to remind you to upload the new builds to itch. 


It's all good! I have uploaded a new build today to Itch, you should give it a go.

It does have some issues regarding text not always showing up, and the beam weapons not cleaning themselves up correctly. I'll be looking into those issues soon and hope to do a new upload in the coming week with many of the immediate bugs fixed.

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Bump to remind you to keep this version up to date too, last itch.io update was on Sep 25, 2018...
Also a reminder, that if you want us to use the Steam version to keep the Steam keys stocked up!

New version! Will try it out immediately

Where should I contact you guys if I find bugs?

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G'day 6000j,

We'll eventually have a more stable platform for reporting bugs, but for now feel free to drop us a line at contact@cardboardkeep.com 

Thanks for checking Witch Thief out c: