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Attrition: Tactical Fronts community

Turn- and hex-based 5 minute strategy game for 1 or 2 players.

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Version 0.9 Patchnotes
As Attrition nears 1.0 and release, today we're releasing the biggest update so far! Particularly noteworthy is that 0.9 has initial, experimental builds for Ma...
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Steam Workshop is here! (Version 105 Patchnotes)
The big change in this patch is the addition of Steam Workshop support, you can now upload your maps to the Workshop and download and play the maps of others. P...
1 file — 105
Version 94 Patchnotes
It's been almost a month since our last stable update, so there's some pretty big changes in this one! Look forward to new look fog of war, nicer gunfire partic...
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Version 92 Patchnotes
One final small update for this week - this patch adds the first implementation of Steam friend matching. If you and a Steam friend are both in the game, a butt...
Version 88 Hotfix
Released a hotfix to fix the stuck on black screen bug. Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 88 Changelog FIXED Clicking a button that causes a scene load multi...
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Version 87 Patchnotes
This week: In-game feedback button, crash fixes, new roads and more optimization! Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 87 Changelog FIXED Resolved an issue that...
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Version 78 Patchnotes
This week in summary: Player settings and optimization! This week we added almost all the remaining settings to the options screen, which also meant we could di...
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Version 72 Patchnotes
This week in summary: Campaign map progress tracking/displaying has been overhauled, player profile art is now in, and end game now plays win/lose fanfare music...
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