Version 0.9 Patchnotes

As Attrition nears 1.0 and release, today we're releasing the biggest update so far!

Particularly noteworthy is that 0.9 has initial, experimental builds for Mac and Linux, as well as first-pass, placeholder localizations for French, Italian, German and Spanish!

You can find all the changes in detail below, enjoy!

P.S. As we approach release, the versioning system has moved from just incremental build numbers to a release pattern, so the release version # has gone from 105 to 0.9. The next release version will be 0.9.1, and so on.

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 0.9 Changelog


  • (Experimental) Builds have been added for Mac OSX and Linux! Please note only the latest stable versions of OSX, Ubuntu and SteamOS are supported. (Currently only available via Steam)


  • (Experimental) Language options have been added for French, Italian, German and Spanish!


  • Pressing Tab to find active units now cycles through all active units, rather than just selecting the first active unit.
  • Deployment: Units are now deployed by dragging their tokens rather than click to pick-up and click to drop.
  • Map Editor: Removing zones will now prioritize the same type of zone the user has selected, making removing a specific zone on a hex with multiple stacked zones of different types easier.


  • Animation: An additional idle animation has been added for both the Infantry and Cavalry.
  • Campaign Map: Map preview images are now shown for campaign missions when they are selected on the Campaign Map.
  • Taunt/Emote System: A tooltip is now shown in a player's first multiplayer game to notify them of the Taunt/Emote system.
  • Screen Edge Panning is here! You can now move the cursor to the sides of the screen to pan the camera. You can disable this in the options.
  • Options: You can now change the camera movement speed sensitivity.


  • Map Editor: No longer possible to stack multiple of the same zone type in one hex, which could cause confusing/unexpected outcomes when playing the map.


  • Multiplayer games can occasionally become "desynchronized", where a unit is in a different position for each player, and can cause units to stop accepting orders. We're looking for evidence of what's causing this, if it happens to you please hit the "Submit Feedback" button and send a bug report!
  • AI units sometimes move on top of each other and occupy the same hex. We're looking for evidence of what's causing this, if it happens to you please hit the "Submit Feedback" button and send a bug report!
  • The splash screen at the start of the game has a grey background instead of an image.


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Version Dec 01, 2017

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