Version 78 Patchnotes

This week in summary: Player settings and optimization! This week we added almost all the remaining settings to the options screen, which also meant we could disable the default launcher, so the game now boots straight up on launch. We also begun our first major optimization pass, this week focusing on switching to a better optimized rendering pipeline and reducing draw calls. What does that mean? Significantly improved CPU performance, especially on systems that support DirectX 11.

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 78 Changelog


  • Graphics setting: Resolution
  • Graphics setting: Texture Quality
  • Graphics setting: Vertical Sync
  • Graphics setting: Screen Mode
  • Gameplay setting: Attentive Camera (If on the camera will auto-move to important events like incoming attacks)
  • UI setting: In-game FPS counter
  • Analytics: now reports FPS and system specs, so we can better understand what hardware people are using to play and how well the game runs on it


  • Implemented a new rendering pipeline
  • Reduced average in-game draw calls significantly in DX9 mode, and even more significantly in DX11/12 mode
  • This should remove most if not all CPU bottlenecks (Next up is GPU performance improvements)


Attrition (Windows 32-bit) 124 MB
Version 78 Aug 18, 2017

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