Version 72 Patchnotes

This week in summary: Campaign map progress tracking/displaying has been overhauled, player profile art is now in, and end game now plays win/lose fanfare music!

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 72 Changelog


  • Artillery: Counter attack animation now plays properly.
  • Unit movement: Fixed edge cases where not enough lines would show to display area in which unit can move.


  • Campaign Map
    • Pins for completed missions are now decorated so you can tell they've been completed. (Won't display for missions completed prior to this version until they are re-completed)
    • Pins for latest missions also have decoration to highlight their importance.
    • Losing/resigning a mission no longer unlocks the next mission.
  • Player Profile: Badge and XP bar art has been redone.
  • Pause Menu: Now fades the scene behind it, and you can click on the fade to dismiss the menu.
  • Lots of little, general polish and adjustments, especially on the menu scenes.


  • Victory and Defeat fanfare music now plays at end of game.
  • Vehicles now rumble with engine vibration.
  • Player Profile now displays player level and XP/progress to next level, and added polish to level up sequence.
  • Added coffee cups to Campaign Map!


Attrition (Windows 32-bit) 124 MB
Version 72 Aug 11, 2017

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