Version 71 Patchnotes

The big change in this version is the addition of player progression in the form of levels and XP, plus we've also added a Randomize button to the requisition screen to help indecisive or risk-taking players to generate quick load outs!

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 71 Changelog


  • UI: Tutorial highlights are no longer positioned incorrectly at non-16:9 aspect ratios.
  • Backing out of a skirmish game then starting another can no longer carry over the victory point goal from the previous game.
  • Multiplayer: The host player now correctly receives a loading screen between unit selection and the game starting.


  • Reduced size of game files by approximately 50 MB.
  • Optimized texture sizes, improving load times and reducing memory usage.
  • If your requisition timer runs out, your remaining force points will be spent randomly before the game starts.


  • Added Player Profile to main menu.
  • Player Profile now displays player level and XP/progress to next level.
  • Added "Randomize" button to the requisition screen, which spends the player's remaining force points randomly. You can then continue to remove, re-pick and re-randomize these choices until the timer runs out.


Attrition (Windows 32-bit) 124 MB
Version 71 Aug 03, 2017

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