Beta Week 1 Patch (Version 50)

Thanks to everyone for participating in the first week of the Attrition beta, we've had over 250 new players download the game! I'd like to start with a quick reminder that you can get the game completely free for just a few more hours, so share and tell your friends!

We've been hard at work fixing bugs and making adjustments based on feedback so far, you can find the full patch notes for Version 50 below.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to provide as much feedback as you like. You can either post in the community forum here on Itch, or join the community Discord server, the link to which is inside the game. The Discord server is also a great place to find people to play multiplayer with!

That's it for this week, more exciting news coming in the near future. Here are this week's patch notes!

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - version 50 Patch Notes


  • Mousing over an occupied tile now always correctly shows the terrain type for that hex.
  • Yellow hex highlight is more robust and less likely to not appear or lag behind.
  • Completing a campaign mission will now always return the player to the campaign map.
  • Campaign Map: Camera now correctly begins focused on an active mission.
  • Playing a random skirmish after selecting a custom map no longer loads the custom map.
  • Vision: Elevated vision can no longer be "overridden" by nearby non-elevated units, blocking line of sight to other elevated terrain.
  • Commanders: Animation will no longer break if emote button is spammed.
  • Collision mesh on hexes no longer overlaps slightly, which allowed some "selection flickering" to take place.
  • Earning multiple victory points simultaneously no longer causes their victory stars to occupy the same location.
  • Starting a single player game while connected to multiplayer no longer causes the map to not load.


  • Non-occupied tiles now show an image of their terrain type in the interface rather than no image.
  • Camera now pans across map at game start.
  • Tiles now drop in a radial pattern at game start.
  • Tutorial: Moved placement of some tutorial buttons, and fixed double-up of Fighting Strength pop-up.
  • AI: AI units now move faster when not revealed, speeding up wait time during AI turns.
  • AI: AI will no longer continue to make moves after victory has been declared.
  • Enemy units in Tutorial 3 now take longer to reach the front line.


  • Campaign Map: Left and right mouse buttons can now be held to pan camera, not just middle mouse.
  • You can now edit your Player Name in the settings menu.
  • Timer on Requisition Screen is now implemented.

Note: Itch shows version 50 as "version 40", our version numbers are currently de-synced, hope to fix soon.


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Version 40 Jun 16, 2017

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