Beta Week 2 Patch (Version 51)

The big news this week is Steam keys are now available for you to redeem. The game is not yet public on Steam, but you can activate your key and download and play the game through Steam right now. Or stay here and use the Itch app, up to you :)

Attrition is 80% off for just a few more hours so get the word out, or maybe gift a copy to a friend?

Reminder as well that where we focus our work on the game at this stage is user-driven. Want to see a particular feature or bugfix? Want a Mac or Linux version? Let us know!

Here are the patch notes for this week:

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 51 Changelog


  • Marksman HP increased from 4 to 5. 
  • Like/hate this balance change? Let us know what you think!


  • Machine Gun walk animation now displays correctly.
  • Improved sound and particle effects on main menu.
  • Hidden enemy positions can no longer be revealed by attempting a move order into their hex.
  • Sound of vehicle engines can no longer persist between games.
  • Itch version number is now synchronized with in-game version number.


  • UI robustness has been improved to render correctly at all aspect ratios. If you have a non-1080p monitor the game should now display correctly for you, let us know if it doesn't!
  • Tutorial 2 now has some cavalry in it to make it more interesting.
  • Attack arcs are now shown on attack orders that have been queued but are not yet executed.
  • Camera movement at start of game can now be interrupted by player.
  • Vehicles now accelerate over time when moving.
  • Move paths on prospective move orders are now length-restricted to how far the selected unit can move this turn.


  • Units deployed after turn 2 are now deployed exhausted (they have no move points until their next turn).
  • Settings: Added volume sliders to options menu.
  • An icon is now shown on the main menu to let you know if you're connected to Steam (more Steam features coming in future updates).


Attrition (Windows 32-bit) 124 MB
Version 51 Jun 23, 2017

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