Beta Week 3 Patch (Version 56)

While a lot of our time this week has gone into prepping media (such as new trailer and screenshots) for Attrition, we still got some work done on the game itself. 

This week's focus was on polishing a few of the oldest elements of the game, namely the in-game background and what we call the perimeter line - the cyan line that shows the maximum distant the selected unit can move this turn.

We've decided to put a darkened version of the campaign map in-game behind the hex grid. It provides a nice contrast to the brighter game elements, and helps the whole screen view look more polished.

As for the perimeter line, it's been completely reworked. Not only does it now pan/animate and appear dashed rather than solid, it's closer to and lies flat against the ground, sticks better to the exact layout of the hex grid, and renders correctly on top of other fancy shaders like water.

Lastly we also made some user experience improvements to the map editor. It's easier to edit the existing values of the Map Name and Requisition Points fields, and creating a new map from scratch now starts you off with a procedurally generated map to get the creative juices flowing!

That's it for this week, check out the new version now or the full patch notes below. See you on the battlefield!

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 56 Changelog


  • Requisition Screen: Unit info panel is no longer appearing at the wrong location.
  • Move Paths: Fixed several small issues which could cause glitchy appearance.
  • Perimeter Line: Fixed an issue related to the line calculating corner points with incorrect offsets.
  • Map Editor: Name and Requisition Points text fields are now easier to edit existing values.
  • Sound: User set volumes are now restored at game launch, not just when the settings menu is opened.
  • Length of displayed move path now takes Sticky terrain into account.


  • Map Preview Images: The preview image saved with custom maps is now saved at a higher resolution.
  • Perimeter Line: Appearance is now flat against the ground, dashed and animated.
  • Map Editor: Creating a new map from scratch now starts with a procedurally generated template.
  • Victory: Once a player has won all actions for both players are disabled.
  • Commanders: New iteration of Commander animations added.


  • Campaign map now appears as game background both in-game and in the map editor.
  • Main menu now displays a "New version available" message if you're not running the latest version.


Attrition (Windows 32-bit) 124 MB
Version 56 Jun 30, 2017

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