Beta Week 4 Patch (Version 59)

New screenshots and trailer are here! The biggest in-game change this week is the introduction of proper fading when loading levels - no longer does the screen go awkwardly grey and freeze for a few seconds when loading into a game.

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 59 Changelog


  • Using the map editor then playing a match can no longer cause the game to break.
  • Perimeter Line can no longer disappear after several matches have been played.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue that was causing the turn timer to be out of sync between players.


  • Map Editor: Clear All button also wipes links to the previously saved/loaded map, so a map can be cleared then saved without overriding the pre-clear map file.
  • Loading: Screen now fades to black and displays "Loading" between level transitions.
  • Commanders: Animations polished.
  • Game has a new, more readable icon.
  • Game is now windowed by default.
  • You can now freely resize the game window.


  • New music variation on Credits screen.
  • New campaign mission "Swamped Armour" added.
  • Game now has a custom cursor!


  • Queuing up enough attacks to kill a unit twice in one turn can cause the game to break.


Attrition (Windows 32-bit) 124 MB
Version 59 Jul 07, 2017

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