Beta Week 5 Patch (Version 64)

Alongside this week's patch the game is now live on Steam Early Access! Check it out here, and don't forget if you buy the game here on Itch you also get a Steam key!

In preparation for Early Access, the biggest change to the game this week has been a revamping of the tutorial and mouse-over tool-tips, even if you've been playing Attrition for a while now would be a good time to revisit the tutorial for a refresher!

Attrition: Tactical Fronts - Version 64 Changelog


  • You can no longer kill a unit twice if you attack it again as it's dying.


  • Tutorial flow and functionality has been completely reworked.
  • Mouse-over tool-tips have been added to missing UI elements, as well as the text rewritten and font size increased.
  • Campaign Map: Mission pins are now numbered!


  • New sounds for Multiplayer Match Found and Game Start.
  • New voice bark when being attacked by indirect fire.


Attrition (Windows 32-bit) 124 MB
Version 64 Jul 14, 2017

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